11 October

Re-Thinking Differentiation

Differentiation has long been the nemesis of every trainee teacher in the land. It’s one thing getting to grips with behaviour management, building relationships with children, marking books and planning lessons….but when you first learn that you should be differentiating

19 August

Making Results Day a Day to Remember

Results day is usually an emotional scene of mixed feelings. For some it’s the best day of their lives, a day that recognises and rewards their obvious hard work and effort. Whilst for others, it can be a public nightmare

26 June

The Great Learning Lag

For years and years as a senior leader and previously as a classroom teacher I have spoken, like many others, about the great learning lag between primary and secondary. Every year secondary school teachers receive a bunch of bright eyed

06 June

Retro Video Games and Resilience

We talk a lot about developing resilience in our students, because as we know, we will all face challenges of some form in our life – whether that is in the form of a tough exam question or a difficult

05 March

The Camera Never Lies

In recent years, lesson observations have been seen by many as every teacher’s enemy, striking fear into the heart of even the most experienced of teachers. For far too long, the very thought of being watched by someone whilst you

30 December

Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire

For as long as we can all remember, teachers have loathed Ofsted inspections and, in particular, formal lesson observations. The dreaded visits that once gave you sleepless nights for a week leading up to it, then became a frantic overnight

02 November

Judging is not a Science

The recent report into ‘What Makes Great Teaching’ by the Sutton Trust and Durham University has sparked many articles, column inches and reactions from people both inside and outside of education. One of the more interesting comments made by the

12 October

TeachMeets and the Super Heroes of Education

It’s half past 3, you’ve taught for a full day, worked through your lunch and now you are trying to get yourself re-focused on PowerPoint slide number 64 that someone is reading off during what is tentatively called Continuing Professional

02 July

The Renaissance of Research

What makes an expert? If you went back 10 years or so ago, you’d have probably cited the fact that an expert was a professor or a published author on a specialised topic. The fact that they’d had their work

13 May

Get Every Teacher Blogging

Today, the challenge that all schools face is to keep on improving the standard of teaching in the classroom. After all, it is our core business. Headline figures, levels of progress, behaviour management – you can forget all of these