18 July

Homework or Homelife?

Of all the things we do as teachers, homework continues to baffle me the most. It baffles me because as a profession we’ve been setting it for decades, yet we’ve never really been able to crack it. Ask any teacher

20 July

10 Minute Shake Ups

If we want to protect the physical and mental health of future generations, we must ensure that primary-age pupils have regular opportunities for exercise throughout the school day. It’s already a commonly held belief that short bursts of exercise

03 February

Flipping Meetings Using OneNote

Meetings can be the nemesis of every school leader. Some meetings seem to go on for ever and then there’s even meetings about meetings! But have you ever stopped to think about the effectiveness of your meetings and if you’re

05 January

Recharging the Batteries

You’d be forgiven for thinking an article titled like this at this time of year was related to needing a constant supply of AA batteries to supply the power demands of the children’s new toys that Santa brought. However, it’s

09 July

Emojis in the Classroom

There are not many messages I now send via either text message or social media where I don’t include the use of an emoji. It is becoming a cultural part of the way we communicate, making it more fun and

21 May

The Art of Conversation

As teachers and school leaders, we are constantly in conversation with either students, staff or parents. Our ability to lead and manage these conversations is key to communicating both our thoughts and vision. Communicating effectively is not just about talking