24 May

Targeting Visible Progress

Last weekend (18/5/13) I was lucky enough be able to attend and present at the hugely popular Pedagoo Sunshine event at Joseph Swan Academy in Gateshead. As well as presenting tips and tricks to other teachers from across the country,

18 November

Can I Come In?

Picture the scene: A school corridor with classroom doors closed and posters covering every possible line of sight into the classes. We’ve probably all seen it before and will probably see it again this week. But what does that say about

13 March

2 Minutes is Too Long

How many times have you said “I’ll be back in 2 minutes”, or “Hang on, I’ll be with you in 2 minutes”? Have you really been back to that person in 120 seconds? Or has it been in many cases,

03 October

58 Hours Writing Learning Objectives

Are you a teacher that gets your students to copy down their learning objectives every lesson? And if so, have you ever thought about the amount of time our kids spend writing these ?
Ok, lets work it out together