Andy Williams


“Jon is one of ‘those teachers’ you hope to come across in your career, unstinting in their efforts and loyalty and who gives freely of their time and expertise. His innovative approach to education both informs and inspires in equal measure.

Jon is not afraid of trying new ideas, reflecting on their effectiveness and then sharing the fruits of his labour. Having first listened to Jon’s impassioned presentation at a local TeachMeet, I was fortunate to visit his school and see him in action. Jon clearly inspires confidence in his colleagues and is passionate about the professional development of teachers both in his own school and beyond in the wider profession.  Having witnessed one of Jon’s flipped development sessions first hand, I can attest to being ‘blown away’ by the level of discussion and the collegiate nature of the session inspired by Jon’s pre-meeting video.  This contribution to the profession has been carried on with Jon presenting at both the SSAT National Conference and the SSAT Achievement Show, both of which are flagship events and which proved incredibly popular enthusing a large number of practitioners, leaders and support staff. Jon has also contributed to SSAT publications, notably providing video content for the SSAT Effective observation of teaching and learning for school improvement and acting as a case study for the SSAT Redesigning Schooling in Action Programme, which examined the development of an innovative culture of learning”.